Control System

Wireless Fire Alarm System

A Wireless Fire Alarm System is ideal for fire alarms requiring a quick installation. These fire alarms require no cables installing between the panel and devices. This also means that the decoration within the building does not need to be affected during the installation process and there is minimal disruption to the working day

Wireless Fire Alarm Control Panel

Wireless Fire Alarm Control Panel has been designed for fire security, management and control of fire alarm devices. The usage of radio communication between the control panel and the fire detectors makes it suitable for installation into premises, where laying cables is unwanted. Key features include:

  • Setting up of the operating modes and parameters of fire detectors, communication controllers and outputs through a built-in keyboard.
  • Control for removed fire detector from its base, battery status.
  • Control over the level of radio signal of the devices.
  • Option for changing parameters of the fire detectors.
  • LCD display for visualization of the operating modes of the system.
  • LED indication for signalization of emergency and extreme situations in the zones and within the whole system.
  • Automatic restoration in fault condition, after the reason, that caused the fault has been removed.
  • Built-in serial interface RS232/RS485 for connection with personal computer or other external devices.
  • Compatible to different ways of installation designs, within the range of the control panel’s resources.

Control System

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