Fire Suppression System

Potentia has 25 years of rich experience for execution of projects in Oil & Gas, Fertilizers, Power and Energy sectors of Pakistan. We have reliable, high- quality, and cost effective fire sup- ression systems which meet the requirements of client application.

Our Offerings

Effective Fire Suppression is a multifaceted challenge. Potentia Safety has been a leader in providing cost effective & efficient Fire Suppression systems

Powder Fire Suppression System

- Extinguishing powders mainly consist of non-poisonous  inorganic salts
- Used for fire classification A, B, C and D.
- Flexible Installation Parameters
- Safe and Reliable Fire Protection

Water Fire Suppression System

- High Velocity Water Suppression systems - used for all  types of fires
- Our Water Fire Suppression system includes Deluge  System, Water spray and water mist fire systems
- Flexible Installation Parameters
- Safe and Reliable Fire Protectionr

Gaseous Fire Suppression System

- Gaseous Fire Suppression System consists of a variety  of inert gases and chemical agents
- Zero Ozone Depleting Potential
- Low pressure system
- Requires Minimal Storage space
- Suitable for protection on a range of high value risks

Foam Fire Suppression System

- High and Low Pressure CO2 Foam Fire Extinguishing  system - an aggregate of air filled bubbles that form a  coherent floating blanket on flammable liquids
- Foam Extinguishing systems used for Class A & B fire
- Flexible Installation Parameters
- Safe and Reliable Fire Protection

Fire Sprinkler System


- Fire Fighting Pumps & Accessories
- Piping
- Panels
- Sprinklers
- Sprinkler Alarm Valve
- Wiring & Instrumentation

- Room protection Nozzle
- Pressurization Pump
- Pump control cabinet
- Sprinkler Pump
- Spray Nozzle
- Fire Detection Control Panel
- Intermediate Tank
- Compressed Air Supply
- Deluge Valves