Control System

Safety System Controller

Our fire and gas safety system is a certified SIL-2 capable, distributed safety system that provides flame and gas detection, alarm signaling, fault notification and extinguishing agent release control for hazardous and non-hazardous locations.

Configurable & Flexible Controller

Our Safety system controllers provides multiple protocols for communication with ancillary systems, including emergency shutdown (ESD) and process control (PCS). Engineered to adapt to a wide range of use cases, the controller monitors, supervises, initiates and controls:

  • Flame and gas detection devices
  • Alarm reporting and annunciation
  • Notification – local and remote
  • Extinguishing agent release
  • Deluge operation initiation

The safety controller delivers capabilities that include, but are not limited to:

  • Communication options – supports a variety of common protocols and network topologies
  • Input and output devices – analog, digital, relay
  • Notification and actuation devices
  • Flame and gas detectors – oxygen depletion, toxic and combustible
  • Smoke and heat detectors – addressable and non-addressable
  • System device and module supervision
  • Redundant options for additional protection

Control System

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