Alarming & Signaling Devices

We offer the doors which have been designed for areas where strength, stability and durability are priority. Our wide selection of doors such as fire rated entry doors, functional sliding doors, fire rated exterior doors, blast proof doors and others do meet the needs of our customers and their property.

Beacons, Strobes & Indicators

We offer a range of beacons and strobes with different types of visual altering including flashing, steady-state and rotating outputs. Built on decades of experience manufacturing the range can be utilized to warn of potential hazards or status changes, including the status of plant items, gas and oil leaks, emergency evacuation alerts, and much more.

Able to operate as part of a system (including fire alarm) or as stand-alone units, a variety of output values and lens options are possible to suit the application across commercial, industrial and hazardous areas. Our portfolio includes:

Weatherproof Signaling Light

Weatherproof Strobe Light

Weatherproof Rotating Beacon

Explosion Proof Strobe Light

Explosion Proof Beacon Light

Explosion Proof LED Light

LED Beacon

Xenon Beacon Range

And Others

Alarming & Signaling Devices


We offer a range of hazardous, heavy-duty, industrial and commercial loudspeakers designed to meet the requirements for public address, voice

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