Fire Crash Tender

Our offered fire fighting trucks and vehicles are suitable for combating fires in airports, domestic and commercial buildings and more.
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Vehicles that will be utilized as ambulances are built to meet specific specifications such as required apparatus and personnel number. Ambulance is built to handle a wide range of conditions and environments with its rugged exterior and top of line design details including an industry leading insulation package. It blends ergonomics, intuitive features & functionality to elevate the overall patient care experience with standard dual ducted HVAC, aluminum clever cabinetry and optional mobility track seating. Our specialized ambulance provide innovative standard features to make your job easier. With superior overall design and craftsmanship, our vehicles combine safety, innovation and quality. We supply all necessary accessories in order to complete the package including Medical Cabinets, Oxygen Supply systems, PA system, Emergency Lighting, Fire extinguishers, First aid accessories, stretchers and others.

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Fire Resistant Cables

Offering Fire resistant, halogen-free, high security cable, for rated voltages up to 0.6/ kV. For power supply to priority security systems that should be maintained in function during a fire. Suitable for indoor use, fixed installations, in public areas such as hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, airports, underground railway networks, tunnels, communication centres, and, in general, all places where it is required a high degree of protection of persons and assets or/and with a large number of people and electrical/electronic equipment.
• Reduced Installation time and costs
• Easy to install and Superb Working Flexibility
• All in one – Easy to Strip Outer Sheath
• No Separate Foil
• No Additional Fibre Wraps
• No mica tape on conductors
• No additional core separators to remove
• Cable Construction Provides High Level Data Protection

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Flame Retardant Cables

Fire protection in buildings places ever more stringent requirements on their main components, and thus, also on cables and wires. Particular emphasis is put on fire propagation and smoke emission of the cables. Potentia in this regards offers its customer special halogen-free and flame retardant safety cables with or without circuit integrity. We are pleased to offer technical advice and support to our customers regarding the choice of the suitable cable support system.

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Safety Signs

Fire safety signs are designed to warn staff and visitors of any fire hazard, to provide an instruction or give safety information. It is vital to provide clear and concise instructions about the actions to take in case of fire. We offer a wide range of door signs, extinguisher signs, exit signs and glow in dark placards for high visibility in low light environments.

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Rescue Equipment & Accessories

Potentia supplies rescue equipment and accessories for fire-fighting and rescue units. Our equipment such as thermal imaging camera and rescue tools will ensure that your personnel are able to conduct operations successfully whatever the environment.

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PPEs for Worker Safety

Our personal protective equipment are designed to protect fire fighter from serious injuries resulting from contact with fire or any other associated hazard

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Fire Wall

A fire wall is a fire resistant barrier used to prevent the spread of fire for a prescribed period of time.

Fire walls can be used to subdivide a building into separate fire areas and are constructed in accordance with the locally applicable building codes.

It helps in improving work place acoustics and enhances the overall ambiance of indoor spaces.

Application : Apartment Building, Motel & Similar building

Fire Rating : 1 hour to 3 hours

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