Automatic Fuel Filtration System

Fuel contamination is a major cause of premature shutdown for standby engines, generator sets, fire pump engines, and other diesel engine support functions. Specialists have proven that stored diesel fuel can start to deteriorate within just 28 days of refining. It has been also confirmed that after 8 – 10 months, diesel fuel will start to form sludge if it stays still in the tanks increasing the chances of engine failure or damage, when required to operate. Contamination commences as soon as the storage tanks are filled and continues until the fuel is used. As the length of storage period increases, the probability for premature engine shutdown due to either clogged filters, or excessive water entrainment, increases. And here comes the high need of smart fuel filtration systems.
We offer an efficiently programmable automated fuel filtration system that is self-contained, stand-alone system and removes as well as prevents the build-up of water, sludge and contaminants in tanks. It stabilizes diesel and bio-fuels, eliminates microbial contamination to optimize and maintain fuel quality. It is designed to fulfill NFPA requirements in maintaining and cleaning fuel stored in fuel tanks in accordance with NFPA requirements.
The system utilizes various components such as magnetic fuel conditioner, fuel gear self-priming pump coupled with UL recognized electric motor, programmable automatic weekly timer, water level controller for sensing water in filter, automatic and manual water draining system, float switch for fuel leak detection etc. to accomplish its function. Additionally it includes a UL listed industrial controller and a clean agent fire suppression cylinder. This system is suitable for fuel tanks of capacity from 50 to 500 gallons.
Controller includes various features such as power on indicator, pump run indicator, motor overload alarm indicator, fuel leak alarm indicator, low vacuum pressure alarm indicator, high discharge pressure alarm indicator, water in filter alarm indicator, common alarm relay for remote warning (free contacts), common top mounted big alarm indicator, automatic and manual operation (selector switch).

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Sea Water Fire Pump

Seawater Packaged Fire Pump Set is specifically designed to meet the challenging needs of seawater fire pump applications. The overall design of the package takes into account the severe marine atmospheric conditions under which these pump sets are intended to operate. The pumps are provided with internal epoxy coating to resist the corrosive nature of seawater with a Pump control panel enclosure made of Stainless Steel.
This pump set package includes standard accessories necessary for the fire pump operation as required by the project specification. This package generally includes:
• Fire Pumps
• Diesel Engines
• Jockey Pump
• Control Panels
• Engine Battery Set
• Fuel Tank
• Air Release Valves
• Pressure Gauges
• Spare Parts for Pump (as required by spec)
• Spare Parts for the Engine (as required by spec)

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Fire Pump House

We offer Pump House Fire Pump Units designed according to the customers’ specification and NFPA 20 requirements. Complete fire pump set assembly is fixed inside a pump house enclosure with all fire pump related standard accessories, valves and fittings and pump testing instruments. In addition to these fire pump set components, the pump house also includes lighting and necessary fire protection equipment for the pump house such as a standalone heat detector and fire extinguishers. All internal wiring comes configured with external connectors on the outer surface of the enclosure that enables easy piping and power connection at field.
All the major fire pump components such as Fire Pumps, Drivers, Controllers, Valves, Pressure Gauges and Flow Meter are UL and / or FM certified as required by the NFPA 20 standard. Only high quality components and fittings are used with pump house to ensure reliable performance and long life.

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Industrial Packaged Fire Pump sets

Industrial package fire pump system consists of pumps, driver, controllers and accessories mounted on a common base frame. We supply packaged fire pump system with high quality UL / FM certified components complying with the requirements of NFPA. All necessary wiring between controllers and drivers are done and tested prior to shipment. The automatic air release valve, casing relief valve, suction gauge & discharge gauges are also mounted on fire pumps as required by NFPA 20. Pressure sensing lines are pre-installed on Electric, Diesel, and Jockey Controllers as per NFPA 20 requirements.
• Easy to install fire pump set at site.
• Easy to commission.
• Reduced installation time.
• Pre-wired electrical connections.
• Less space requirement.
• All (pumps, drivers & controllers) on single base
• Single manufacturing source.
• Single unit responsibility
• 100% system operational integrity.
• 100% secure system.
• Convenience in procuring spare parts .
• All major components listed products.
• Complying with NFPA 20

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Certified Fuel Tank

We offer certified primary containment for your reliable fuel storage requirements. Design and fabrication of these tanks comes as per the UL standard.These cylindrical, horizontally mounted, tanks are provided with necessary fittings and openings to facilitate quality service at field. All tanks are provided with openings for filling, connecting to diesel engine fuel system, fuel return line connection and drain.
• Environmentally protective: due to the secondarily contained primary tank
• Compliant: with international aviation tank approvals
• Multi Hazard Tested: 4-hour fire exposure resistant, hose-stream resistant, ballistics tested, heavy vehicle impact tested (240|240|240 rating)
• Ventilation: emergency venting for primary. Free to air on secondary containment.
• Clean fuel: superior thermal efficiency minimizing evaporation and degradation of fuel quality
• Interstitial monitoring: capability
• Maximum protection: a 3-coat industrial painting system for longevity
• Multiple storage uses: available with multiple compartments for multiple fuel storage
• Stores many liquids: compatible with gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, ethanol, methanol and other chemicals
• Can be lined: for special applications, such as jet fuel or potable water storage
• Diversified material options: material of construction may be carbon or stainless steel
• Easily transportable: relatively light-weight and can be shipped anywhere in the world (empty). Some model sizing allows for shipping in containers reducing global freight costs
• Cylindrical design: available in cylindrical constructions up to 110,000 liters

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Certified Motors

We offer the motors designed for fire pump applications as per NFPA standard. These three-phase horizontal low-voltage squirrel-cage medium induction motors are constructed and manufactured as per the requirements of NEMA. Our offered motors come in three different variation

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Certified Electric Controller

These are control panels for fire pumps that contain electrical components such as circuit breakers, switches, relays, and other devices. Receiving signals from alarm devices such as pressure operated switches, sprinkler alarm valves, or remote fire alarm equipment; activating motor control devices to provide electric power to motors driving fire pumps; and monitoring the fire pump operation and performance are all functions performed by the devices within a fire pump controller panel
Electric Fire Pump Controllers:

• Designed for use with electric motor driven fire pumps.
• Available in a wide variety of full and reduced voltage starting methods.
• Manufactured in accordance with the NFPA 20 standard, UL listed and FM Approved.
• Models range from 208 to 600 volt, 5 to 500 horsepower, 50 / 60 Hz

Electric Fire Pump Controllers With Automatic Transfer Switch:

• Required if normal utility power is not reliable
• Housed in a barriered compartment or in a separate enclosure attached to the fire pump controller
• Listed and Approved for fire pump service
• Equipped with a transfer switch TEST pushbutton

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Horizontal Split Case Fire Pump

We offer split case pumps for applications requiring high flow rates in a compact design. These pumps are great for applications in power plants, cooling tower circulation, water tower supply to carry low-viscosity liquids such as clear water and unsaturated wastewater from industrial processes at average heads.

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End Suction Fire Pump

An end suction pump is a type of centrifugal pump that is commonly used with low-viscosity liquids. Different configurations are available but the most prevalent is a horizontal suction with a perpendicular vertical up centerline or tangential discharge.  End suction pumps are commonly used in single-stage configurations, but multistage configurations are available. These pumps are ANSI B73.1 compliant with hydraulics and dimensions.  Some models also offer modularity of components for supporting large installed bases allowing for a more efficient spares program. 

We offers a multitude of end suction pumps from world-renowned manufacturers. With a variety of styles and sizes to choose from, Potentia has something for your application. We supply UL listed and FM approved fire pumps that provide you with reliable solution for your firefighting pump needs by combining the stringent quality measures of UL, FM and NFPA standards with our proven experience in the fire protection field. We can offer you a complete package of services starting from engineering assistance to field start-up and periodic maintenance.

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Vertical Turbine Fire Pump

A type of centrifugal pump used to transport water from a deep underground well or reservoir. It is one of two primary types of turbine pumps and is also known as a deep well turbine pump or a line-shaft turbine pump. Vertical turbine pumps have the motor above ground, connecting to the impellers at the bottom of the pump by a long vertical shaft.

They’re generally utilized when the flow is too high for turbines, or when the owner prefers a traditional motor located on top of the pump. They’re widely utilized in bore wells for agricultural or grass irrigation, as well as water supply for municipalities that rely on ground water rather than surface water. They’re also employed in industrial plants to give plant make-up water and fire water. We supply UL listed and FM approved fire pumps that provide you with reliable solution for your firefighting pump needs by combining the stringent quality measures of UL, FM and NFPA standards with our proven experience in the fire protection field.

We can offer you a complete package of services starting from engineering assistance to field start-up and periodic maintenance.

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