Fire Resistant Cables

Offering Fire resistant, halogen-free, high security cable, for rated voltages up to 0.6/ kV. For power supply to priority security systems that should be maintained in function during a fire. Suitable for indoor use, fixed installations, in public areas such as hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, airports, underground railway networks, tunnels, communication centres, and, in general, all places where it is required a high degree of protection of persons and assets or/and with a large number of people and electrical/electronic equipment.


  • Reduced Installation time and costs
  • Easy to install and Superb Working Flexibility
  • All in one – Easy to Strip Outer Sheath
  • No Separate Foil
  • No Additional Fibre Wraps
  • No mica tape on conductors
  • No additional core separators to remove
  • Cable Construction Provides High Level Data Protection

Fire Retardant & Resistant Cables

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