Alarming & Signaling Devices

We offer the doors which have been designed for areas where strength, stability and durability are priority. Our wide selection of doors such as fire rated entry doors, functional sliding doors, fire rated exterior doors, blast proof doors and others do meet the needs of our customers and their property.

Bells and Chimes

Our offered range of bells and chimes are built on years of expertise to produce reliable and dependable devices when it matters most.

Including motor, vibrating and explosion-proof models, bells are popular in education for class change and in working environments for shift change. Our chimes feature single stroke and vibrating operation, ideal for hospital and institutional applications.

Our hazardous area product lines protect your people and processes in the harshest of environments when durability and reliability are paramount.

Our comprehensive portfolio includes:

Chime and Chime Strobes

Explosion proof Alarm Bell Range

Weather Signaling bells

Motor Bells


Alarm bells range

Vibrating bells

And Others

Alarming & Signaling Devices


We offer a range of hazardous, heavy-duty, industrial and commercial loudspeakers designed to meet the requirements for public address, voice

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