Fire Pumps & Controllers

Certified Pumps and Controllers

We supply certified fire pump systems that are compliant to international standards and certified as per requirements, compliant with FM, UL Listed and to NFPA. Certified fire pump systems come ready to install and can also be customized to meet needs and local authority requirements for unique projects.

End-Suction Fire Pump

An end suction pump is a type of centrifugal pump that is commonly used with low-viscosity liquids. Different configurations are available but the most prevalent is a horizontal suction with a perpendicular vertical up centerline or tangential discharge.  End suction pumps are commonly used in single-stage configurations, but multistage configurations are available. These pumps are ANSI B73.1 compliant with hydraulics and dimensions.  Some models also offer modularity of components for supporting large installed bases allowing for a more efficient spares program. 

We offers a multitude of end suction pumps from world-renowned manufacturers. With a variety of styles and sizes to choose from, Potentia has something for your application. We supply UL listed and FM approved fire pumps that provide you with reliable solution for your firefighting pump needs by combining the stringent quality measures of UL, FM and NFPA standards with our proven experience in the fire protection field. We can offer you a complete package of services starting from engineering assistance to field start-up and periodic maintenance.

Fire Pumps & Controllers

Certified Fuel Tank

We offer certified primary containment for your reliable fuel storage requirements. Design and fabrication of these tanks comes as per

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Certified Motors

We offer the motors designed for fire pump applications as per NFPA standard. These three-phase horizontal low-voltage squirrel-cage medium induction

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Fire Pump House

We offer Pump House Fire Pump Units designed according to the customers’ specification and NFPA 20 requirements. Complete fire pump

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Sea Water Fire Pump

Seawater Packaged Fire Pump Set is specifically designed to meet the challenging needs of seawater fire pump applications. The overall

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