Fire Suppression System

Water Based Suppression

We provide water based sprinkler systems essential for buildings to help them prevent the spread of fires while saving lives and properties. Our sprinklers are equipped with the latest technology and will respond quickly in the event of a fire.

Wet Sprinkler System

Our wet sprinkler systems are one of the most effective products available to the fire fighting industry. We use heat-responsive technology and fast water systems to ensure that fires are quelled swiftly in your property. Our Sprinkler design incorporates state-of-the-art heat responsive frangible glass bulb design (standard or quick response) for prompt precise operation. In order to complete the system we offer complete package inclusive of Butterfly Valves, Water flow alarm switch, test and drain valves, pressure gauges, pressure switches, sprinkler alarm, retard chamber, check valve, wet alarm valve assembly and other misc. parts.

Pre-Action System

We supply Preaction systems to meet the firefighting protection needs of all customers. These systems require that both a “preceding” fire detection event, typically the activation of a heat or smoke detector, and an automatic sprinkler operation take place prior to the “action” of water introduction into the system’s piping. Activation of either the fire detectors alone, or sprinklers alone, without the concurrent operation of the other, will not allow water to enter the piping. Our preaction systems are activated once it detects a previous event like a smoke or fire alarm. We offer Double Interlock Preaction System or the Single Interlock Preaction System as per the requirement of individual application.  

Deluge System

For shielding against fire, we offer a wide range of deluge suppression systems specifically designed to meet the precise requirements of your business, the Deluge fire suppression systems commonly used in waste & recycling plants, renewables, chemical, power plants, airport hangars and many other high-risk processes as well as industries.

So whether you’re looking for a fire protection system for a large, open area or small enclosure where complete flooding is required, deluge suppression will be the ideal type of system for your needs. our systems come with a range of options like deluge valves, spray nozzles and more. 

Fire Suppression System

Gas Based Suppression

We supply the best selection of gas-based extinguishing systems for firefighting We provide Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems, CO2 Systems

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