Control System

Intelligent Single-Loop Suppression Control Unit

An addressable, networkable fire alarm control panel with its advanced features handle the demanding operational requirements of special hazard fire suppression systems.

Addressable Control System

An intelligent, addressable, single loop Fire Alarm-Suppression control unit that supports wide array of suppression products.  It is compact, networkable and supports both simple and complex programming for the demanding operational requirements of single- and multi-hazard fire suppression applications. manages fire response events from detection and alarm to suppression system release. Perfect for small to medium-sized applications, the unit provides pre-planned, sequential system response or immediate system actuation, depending on the requirements of the application. Key features include:

  • Signaling line circuit with no device limits for up to 255 devices.
  • Triple-R protection against unintentional activation of the extinguishing system.
  • Distributed intelligence all the way down to the sensor level.
  • The LCD panel has an easy-to-read 80-character display.
  • A USB port is available.

Control System

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