Control System

Fire Alarm Solutions for Small to Mid-Sized Buildings

With control panels, devices, and accessories all engineered to work seamlessly, we provide reliable performance and the advanced features you need for successful installation and worry-free operation of system as per your requirements.

Conventional Control Panel

Conventional fire alarm systems provide smoke and fire detection, occupant notification and off-premises signaling for small to medium-sized buildings. Front panel programming, one-person walk testing, and configurable IDC and NAC types are among the features that make installation, operation, and maintenance easier. Furthermore, these control panels can also offer clever type features like remote maintenance alert and automated drift adjustment, which help to eliminate false alarms and streamline maintenance calls. Key Highlights include:

  • Signaling line circuit with no device limits for up to 255 devices.
  • Triple-R protection against unintentional activation of the extinguishing system.
  • Distributed intelligence all the way down to the sensor level.
  • The LCD panel has an easy-to-read 80-character display.
  • A USB port is available.
  • Internet access is available.

Control System

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