Building Fire & Gas Detection

Fire Detection and Alarm System

Developed to detect fires promptly as they grow, fire detection systems are an extremely valuable fire protection tool for any establishment. Early detection is crucial in the protection of first responders and other emergency response personnel as they combat fires.

IR Flame Detection in Explosion-Proof and non-Explosion Proof Enclosure

Almost all fires emit UV rays and are also well known for their false alarm susceptibility. IR flame detectors are the most common to protect buildings against unfortunate fires. We offer IR-based flame detectors in a die-cast Zinc alloy housing for both non-explosion-proof areas as well as in flame-proof housing. These detectors have an excellent response time to flames and provide immunity to extraneous sources and false alarms.  New micro-processor technology makes the detectors independent of flame intensity enabling it to operate through smoke, a layer of oil, dust, or water vapor. The variations in technology can also be offered subject to the requirement of individual customer requirements and application.

  • Dual IR Flame Detector
  • Dual IR intrinsically safe flame detector
  • UV/IR Flame detector
  • Triple IR flame detector
  • Triple IR intrinsically safe flame detector

Universal Test Torch

When working across flame detectors, performing commissioning and routine maintenance, it is mandatory to ensure if the devices are working properly. We offer our customers with microprocessor control based flame simulator for the testing of UV / IR / UV-IR flame detectors. It eliminates the need to use a flame. This unit is designed to generate a wide range of optical output signals. The key highlights include:

  • Wide spectral output – UV, Visible, Near IR, Mid-IR
  • Tests many flame sensors types (Such as, UV, UV/IR, UV/IR², IR³, IR², IR)
  • Portable with rechargeable NiCd battery pack and charger
  • 30 Second timeout on each test

Building Fire & Gas Detection

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