Gas Detection

Combustible Gas Point Detectors

When personnel safety, property protection and process continuity are essential, your safety system is your first line of defense. Detecting hydrocarbon combustible gases before an issue develops is a demanding application requiring approved, robust and reliable detection and notification technology. The optical IR Hydrocarbon gas detectors are a major part of an effective life safety solution.

Optical IR Hydrocarbon Gas Detection

The detector is a stainless steel, point infrared gas detector. It is approved to be factory calibrated to detect four gases and is capable of detecting a large number of other commonly encountered hydrocarbon gases, Performance is normally certified to methane, propane, ethylene, and butane,

The detector provides point detection of combustible hydrocarbon gases and measures in the lower flammability Limit range. In addition to providing continuous self-testing and being immune to many poisons, the HART enabled detector offers a certified SIL 2 capable option. Often used where fast response detection, notification, annunciation and response initiation is required. 

Gas Detection

IR Hydrocarbon

Gas leakages do create a serious hazard around the environment, our detection system can continuously monitor combustible hydrocarbon gas levels

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