Flame Detection

Flame Detector with Explosion Proof Camera

The unstaffed facilities/sites often need strict monitoring of any potential hazard risking the surrounding, with our explosion proof camera timely risk can be communicated from remote locations and can be used integrated with flame detector or as an individual source.

Visually Monitor Remote High-Hazard Areas

Used in a stand-alone configuration or in combination with the flame detectors, this Explosion-proof Camera provides a color image with real-time viewing of a monitored area. When combined with a DVR system, it supports post-event analysis to help determine the root cause of event alarms.

This added layer of protection enables secondary confirmation of a hazardous event and is applicable for hazardous operations, remote locations and unstaffed facilities.

Flame Detection

IR Flame Detector

Infrared flame detectors are apposite for applications where hydrocarbon fires are probable to happen and high concentrations of airborne impurities

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UV Flame Detector

Ultraviolet (UV) detectors are a general-purpose flame detector as almost all fires emit UV radiation. However, UV detectors are also

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UV-IR Flame Detector

The advanced signal processing algorithms of each individual sensor when combined into one delivers outstanding flame detector performance to a

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