Flame Detection

Multi-Spectrum IR Flame Detector

Designed for hazardous industries where fast fire detection is critical and nuisance alarms are not an option! We offer our customers with flame detection of both hydrocarbon and highly invisible non-carbon fires

Robust and Reliable Multi-Spectrum IR Flame Detection

The world’s foremost flame detector, approved for the widest range of hydrocarbon fires suitable for your applications such as hangars, refineries, tank farms, loading racks and many more.  It provides quick fire detection while reducing nuisance and false alarms. Developed and built with the demands of hazardous and important industrial process operators in mind, this product is versatile, strong, and dependable.

Robust and Reliable Multi-Spectrum IR Flame Detection for Detection of Invisible Hydrogen Flame

Detects hard-to-see hydrogen flames and other non-carbon-based flames such as Methanol. Often used for applications such as refineries, filling stations, turbine enclosures, hydrogen storage, aerospace and battery rooms.

Flame Detection

IR Flame Detector

Infrared flame detectors are apposite for applications where hydrocarbon fires are probable to happen and high concentrations of airborne impurities

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UV Flame Detector

Ultraviolet (UV) detectors are a general-purpose flame detector as almost all fires emit UV radiation. However, UV detectors are also

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UV-IR Flame Detector

The advanced signal processing algorithms of each individual sensor when combined into one delivers outstanding flame detector performance to a

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