Gas Detection

Infrared Carbon Dioxide Detection

A diffusion-based, point-type IR detector intended for use in harsh outdoor environments is Ideal for the quick detection of Hazardous levels of Carbon Dioxide

Specially Engineered to Detect CO2

We offer the Infrared Carbon Dioxide (CO2) gas detector where detection of carbon dioxide is required in harsh environments either as a stand-alone detector or as part of a total facility safety system. This robust and reliable diffusion-based point-type infrared (IR) detector is a good choice for monitoring CO2 suppression cylinder storage and skids for CO2 detection in enhanced oil recovery sites. With its enhance Immunity against damage from exposure to constant background gases or high gas concentrations and without routine calibration need makes it ideal for the quick CO2 detection

Gas Detection

IR Hydrocarbon

Gas leakages do create a serious hazard around the environment, our detection system can continuously monitor combustible hydrocarbon gas levels

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