Gas Detection

Catalytic Bead Combustible Detector

When personnel safety, property protection and process continuity are essential, your safety system is your first line of defense. Detecting nonhydrocarbon combustible gases is equally important as of detecting the Hydrocarbon. Point gas detectors such as catalytic bead, are a major part of an effective life safety solution.

Catalytic Bead Gas Sensors where combustible

Detects a wide range of hydrocarbon and non- hydrocarbon combustible gases and allows one-person, non- intrusive calibration. Often used for hydrogen gas detection and point gas detection applications where standalone capabilities are desirable. It is the best sensor for high temperature and hydrogen detection applications and a cost-effective solution to detect a broad range of combustible gases

Gas Detection

IR Hydrocarbon

Gas leakages do create a serious hazard around the environment, our detection system can continuously monitor combustible hydrocarbon gas levels

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