PPEs for Worker Safety

Our personal protective equipment are designed to protect fire fighter from serious injuries resulting from contact with fire or any other associated hazard


Features the patented Adjustable Ventilation System for either a dust free, fully sealed mode or a fog free open ventilation mode. The patented Speed Clip system facilitates quick strap adjustment even with gloves on. All goggle components are heat and flame resistant. The advanced coating eliminates fog inside and prevent scratches outside. These goggles contains interchangeable distortion free high impact polycarbonate lenses. Classified by UL to meet NFPA 1977 on protective clothing and Equipment.

Safety Glasses

Meets ANSI-Z87-1 safety standard. Black nylon frame, polycarbonate clear lens with interchangeable yellow and smoke grey lenses, anti-fog and anti-scratch, adjustable elastic strap for security. Comes with a pouch for storage and cleaning and black zippered hard case.

Hoods and Face Protection

Dual function, multilayered, high heat resistance facial and respiratory protection garment. It is the fire face mask that protects major portion of the face and necks from burning sparks, embers and flames etc. It also protects the respiratory tract by using a combination of physical barriers including a disposable particle mask.

Fire Fighting Gloves

Designed with a comfortable fit and enhanced dexterity reducing hand fatigue when wearing for extended periods of time. Durable, breathable, comfortable, heat resistant and dimensionally stable thermal inner liner is sewn into the gloves fingertips to prevent liner pull out. Reinforced palm for added abrasion resistance. Quality water repellant leather offers an enhanced grip in both wet and dry conditions while providing protection from heat, flame, abrasion and puncture. For more information:

Fire Helmet

Designed to meet the needs of individuals involved in rescue operations or forest fires. Enveloping design made of a single piece of PC/ABS without added paints. With a protective visor offering a great level of protection against liquids from discharges of air borne media with retardant for the flame. Our Fire Helmet provides an adjustable wheel that allows fully adjustable capabilities. Comfortable and ergonomic harness due to breathable, fire retardant leather pads.

Fire Fighter Boot

Our Fire Fighter Boots blends the lightweight and supportive benefits of an alpine hiker with the stringent standards of NFPA 1977 boot. Featuring fire resistant, durable rough out leather and a breathable meshing line. The durable outsole is specially designed for oil and slip resistant traction over rugged and high angle terrain. For more information:

Protective Clothing

High visibility rescue coverall is a light weight yet durable protective clothing with a multitude of pockets for enhanced functionality. The garment is made in proban treated fabric for flame retardancy. Rescue coverall is manufactured from a lighter weight, breathable fabric that is a blend of 88% cotton and 12% high tenacity nylon.

Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

When workers are at a risk of exposure to dangerous concentrations of hazardous substances or lack of oxygen, self-contained breathing apparatus is the first choice. Self-contained breathing apparatus supply the wearer with breathable ear from a compressed air vessel or through a pneumatic system connected with hoses. It is one of the lightest professional self-contained breathing apparatus for firefighters. Combining comfort with exceptional pneumatic performance, our product is designed for applications where simplicity and ease of use are crucial. Lightweight yet robust, our specialized SCBA provides outstanding breathing.

Ear Muffs

Ear Muffs are a type of personal protective equipment that protects the wearer’s ear from noise pollution, dust or extremes in temperature. In most cases, the cups are attached to the outer edges of steel or plastic headband to fit over the top of ears and cover them tightly. High density sponge, soft and comfortable to wear, greater noise reduction ability, anti-noise earmuffs protects against potential hearing damage.

Ear Plugs

Effective for offering excellent attenuation, the foam ear plugs have a SNR value of 33dB and are suitable for providing comfort when worn all day. An economical solution to providing disposal hear protection, the foam self-adjusts for maximum protection and minimizes the pressure. Able to reduce the impact of noise by 33dB, it will bring noise levels of up to 112dB to a safe level of sound exposure. Compliant with standard EN-352-2, the ear plugs provide protection from long term noise exposure.

Safety Coveralls and Rescue

Safety Signs

Fire safety signs are designed to warn staff and visitors of any fire hazard, to provide an instruction or

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