Rescue Equipment & Accessories

Potentia supplies rescue equipment and accessories for fire-fighting and rescue units. Our equipment such as thermal imaging camera and rescue tools will ensure that your personnel are able to conduct operations successfully whatever the environment.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal Imaging cameras  are suited for use in variety of scenarios. Our heat sensitive cameras have been employed by those in fire fighting and emergency industries. These cameras provide super red hot colorization alerts and ultra-high-resolution detector. The sensing material is amorphous silicon with more than 1100°F saturation temperature and 50° horizontal field of view. Ideal for applications including hazardous materials, wildfire, search & rescue.

Rescue Door Ram

Double Acting cordless door ram powered by battery technology for breaching inward opening doors with multiple locks. Also suitable for outdoor opening doors, when used in combination with a manual breaching tool. Our specialized rescue door ram provides a long spreading stroke, even the most flexible doors can be opened. The door ram has a constant high spreading force over its full stroke to provide full power where you need it. Thanks to its IP54 rating, the door ram is safe to use in the most stringent and harsh environments.

Rescue Cutter

Our rescue cutter has huge forces and superior blade geometry, making it ideally prepared for technical assistance work. The cutter provides an optimized blade geometry and up to 60 minutes working time in deep 3 m deep fresh water.

Rescue Spreader

Our rescue spreader is an all-purpose weapon among hydraulic spreaders. Low weight and outstanding power development result in an unbeatable power combination. The “Shark Tooth Tips” also provides the right grip and prevent slipping from any material. Rescue spreader is provided with additional spreading and squeezing plates on the spreader arms.

Search Camera

Our search and rescue devices such as search cameras aid emergency response and fire fighting personnels. Search cameras are designed to locate victims trapped in the collapsed buildings. Its articulating waterproof camera head with LED lighting helps pinpoints the victim locations so rescuers can extract them. The search Cam’s on-screen graphics help direct rescue teams where to find victims and how to begin extraction.

PPE Gear Bag

Our PPE Gear Bag make it possible to take all your equipment in one bag. The heavy weight problem is compensated by providing wheels for easy transportation. Includes a ventilation pouch to help keep your gear dry and stay dew free. Also has a nameplate holder for easy identification as well as reflective stripping makes it easy to find even at night. This is something firefighter must have; padded shoulder strap, wheels for easy transport, polyester material bag.

Free Standing Gear Rack

Free standing gear rack is provided with 3 sections and contains Adjustable boot and helmet shelves, apparel hooks, label holder and heavy duty legs that keep the rack elevated above the floor for easy cleaning. Our free standing gear rack is available in various configuration and can be customized upon request.

Safety Coveralls and Rescue

Safety Signs

Fire safety signs are designed to warn staff and visitors of any fire hazard, to provide an instruction or

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